Through harnessing the power of inclusive activism we believe that people can tap in the dynamic power of community to achieve more than would be seen as previously possible. Understanding that We>me creates powerful teams who work together with a humming synergy with unmatched productivity and with a sense of collective purpose.

We are committed to identifying and eliminating processes and practices which hinder community creation. Be it systemic “ism”, or needing to redefine conflict as an opportunity to do something different, something better. We are passionate about our work and co-creating communities of shared leadership.

We see and recognize the need for social sustainability in all things. We are committed to systems thinking where a true balance is recognized and acknowledged to create true balance. True sustainability in systems means no people, no groups, or no departments can be allowed to be oppressed at the privilege of another group of people, group or departments. These systems are out of balance and are not sustainable due to their lack of equity.

Additionally we due to our study of critical scholarship we believe and see that those most oppressed by systemic inequity most often have the best ideas of how to fix these systems in more permanent and in more socially sustainable ways which benefit all. Those being most hurt by a system have the best sense of new ideas of how we can become our best selves and also create new possibilities for mutual gain. 

Over time it has been groups of small collectives who have banded together to create new positive solutions for all of us in the face of overwhelming odds. The Labor Movement, the Women’s Rights Movements, the Civil Rights Movement, all happened by and with those with the least power with major victories over those in power and with power for the benefit of all. We seek to leverage that people power and form of amazing personal leadership in our day to day lives, and to create a cooperative, collaborative, competition where the end game is win-win. To miss the power of these small bands of change agents in our work, our families, and our institutions is to choose to work without this dynamic form of synergy and work at half speed, and half hearted. We believe in the power of total commitment and whole person paradigms to dynamically change our perception of the status quo. 

Please enjoy the Podcast – Inclusive Activism. Everything you ever wanted to know about how being a communalist as a method of personal leadership. We will have on guests who are activists, icons of diversity and inclusive leadership, and those who can help us on our journey to become better.

Enjoy our video series on Positive Masculinity. This helps us discover a version of masculinity which is inclusive, validating, loving, and more human. We redefine strength as the access to the means to make a difference for and to help others.

As well as the blog which is covers many topics.

If we can help you leverage the power of inclusive activism and leadership please contact us! We have professional speakers – workshops – we moderate discussion panels, and offer consultation services to make you the best at what you do!


Rowdy has worked in the field of diversity and inclusion for over a decade.  He has lead peer Mentoring groups that educate youth about drug prevention, educational success, and college and career readiness. He is an innovator with a myriad of different workshops informing about issues related to colorblindness, to Interest Based Negotiations, to Nonviolent Communication and Conflict Resolution, to Positive Masculinity, and seeing People as Possibilities. Rowdy completed director training from the Anytown/Ourtown programs and teaches young people and their leaders about power, privilege, equity, and inclusion. He also sits on the curriculum board for Anytown AZ.  An engaging and passionate presenter and facilitator, Rowdy is also the director of Paradise Valley Community College’s Diversity, Incorporated., a program that teaches students how to present the MOSAIC inclusiveness program, and he is an active member of the Healing Racism Public Dialogue Series, winner of the 2008 National League of Cities Promoting Inclusive Award. Rowdy also if a facilitator for Maricopa Community College’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. He co-wrote the proposal for Paradise Valley Community College’s Leadership Certificate. He also sits on the Desperado LGBT film festivals screening committee. He produces and delivers his Inclusive Activism Podcast bi-weekly to his thousands of listeners about how the intersections of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity work are a form of Personal Leadership. He was also a 2014 winner of the Arizona Diversity Alliance’s Diversity Champion Award, as well as the John and Suanne Rouche Award for Excellence for the Community College from the League of Innovation in 2015.