Interview with Eric of NFP Part 2 of 2
Inclusive Activism

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Enjoy my interview with one of the masters of thought and motivation with legend Eric Thomas creator of New Found Power fitness trainers, creator of New Found Power Labs/Gear a fitness clothing and supplement company, co-owner of Lift Gym in the greater Wausau area with 3 locations!

He is also guitarist of the band The Will, and is a sculpture of iron and steel with his company Echo Scapes, and also just launched meal deliver service 180 cuts serving the greater Wausau Area as well.

Eric and I have been friends for a long time and we talk about our dreams to be leaders of men and women years ago while working with my parents. We are both people who really could have chosen to lead in much more negative ways as we have the capacity to be more of cult leaders.

But Eric in helping people meet their fitness, dietary, but more so life and dream goals. Eric is one of the more inspirational and motivational people I have ever met, and he is one of my best and most cherished friends.

With that enjoy the interview with the Master of Mental Motivation and Spiritual Persistence Eric Thomas!

The Will