People as Possibilities


How to create more and better ‘weak tie’ friendships and relationships for better networks. How to manage boundaries and get past I don’t have time for friends thinking.

Getting to the Mutual Win

Negoitable – Win-Win 1st step primer

This practice will provide skills in negotiation to create mutually beneficial partnerships. Long lasting beneficial relationships, and opportunities to create dynamic synergies.

Nonviolent Conflct Reconciliation


Learn how to effectively manage conflict without being in a power position to create change. Strategies to make formal rivals into trusted co-partners though dialog and reconciliation

How to become Anti-‘ist’


Rather than focusing on trying to not personally NOT racist, sexist, homophobic, classist etc. This will focus on lessening the “isms” of the world with action! Creating equity allows for trusted work

Rape Prevention (for Men)

Varies on group

This workshop focuses on male leadership in creating Anti-Rape cultures with an among other men. Not doing bad one’s self isn’t enough men need to create an anti-rape culture for ourselves and others.

Inter-Generational Leadership

Varies upon need

Helping different generations work together effectively by embracing their shared and entirely different values.

Personal Leadership

Depends on your need

How to move from dependence to independence to interdependence with the capacity to create communities.



How to really maximize your team by deeply diving into difference. Inspiring trust, Conflict as Constructive, Dialoging about Difference, Creating Community.

Colorblindness – Blind to Opportunity


Learn how colorblindness limits us a individuals. And how by embracing our differences can create dynamic opportunities for new possibilities.

Trust Assessment and Inspring Trust


A trust assessment will be given to your work group to determine the amount of trust your working with, and interventions to build trust as well as courageous conversations to keep it going.